Virtual Management Group (VMG) is dedicated to providing quality virtual consulting services at a reasonable cost to help start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises take their business to the next level. Whether the business needs an operations management plan, financial management plan, human resources advice, marketing plan, business plan, social media plan, or a public relations campaign, VMG is ready to serve as their “VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS GROUP”.


This is a new approach of offering support to start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. In today’s business world if we can do our banking online and sell our products and services online, then we should also be able to receive our consulting services online.

New technologies and work practices that are relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises include some of the following:

  • Telecommuting – defined as professionals working distantly, not only at home, but while on the road, in hotels, branch offices and any off-site locations.
  • Group teleconferences or Go-to meetings – replacing on-site meetings.
  • Group online training – used to perform training online rather than on-site, this can save significant travel costs.
  • Skype – face to face interaction online instead of in-person, physical meetings.
  • E-mail – electronic mail that delivers information in seconds instead of conventional channels such as land, sea and air mail systems.
  • Voice-mail – practical system for people to communicate instead of on-site or in-person meetings.


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