Virtual Management Group (VMG) was created by Sonia Menendez as a division of BMP Developments Ltd. Sonia has over 25 years experience in business management. Sonia's experience includes working at the Small and Medium Enterprise Institute in Latin America, 14 years with the Business Development Bank of Canada in Management and Financial Services, owner of Phoenicia Specialty Foods Ltd., Manager of Business Development at Immigrant Settlement Integration Services for 5 years, and most recently as Executive Director of the Centre for Women in Business.

VMG is a distinctive concept of virtual consulting. VMG’s resources consist of Sonia Menendez and a team of highly qualified consultants specializing in the fields that are fundamental in the development and growth of a business such as general business management, accounting, taxation, legal, global business and banking. Under VMG's model, consultants and clients are trained to use virtual tools that enable them to consult in a virtual environment.  VMG’s team works remotely over the internet rather than on-site at the client’s location which saves the client time and money and allows VMG to work and operate anywhere with an internet or telephone connection.



Virtual Management Group (VMG) is committed to help start ups and small and medium-sized  enterprises in their quest for growth, profitability and sustainability by providing virtual consulting management services to help them run more efficiently, lower operating cost and become more profitable.  VMG does this with an initial needs assessment followed by a customized strategy.



  • Lower overhead costs - Most of the consulting takes place in a virtual environment, therefore this eliminates the administration of and expense associated with having full-time employees performing tasks offered by VMG.  In addition to housing the business in a larger office space. This significantly reduces the cost (i.e. salary, paid holidays, benefits, increased rent and utility bills, etc.) which is passed onto business owners and business managers.
  • Productivity – eliminating commuting time and no longer having to attend unnecessary meetings results in more time to produce and work more efficiently.
  • Flexibility – conduct meetings anytime, anywhere via virtual channels.
  • People – VMG allows you to partner and consult with a much broader pool of experts and qualified business consultants which individually may not be feasible.
  • Environmental – reduce commuting time and your carbon footprint VMG consultants can meet with you via virtual channels instead of going to your home, business or office.




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