Our Team

Our group of  professional consultants have many areas of expertise to assist companies in their path to success. VMG provides services to businesses operating in various stages of their life cycle:

  • Start-up Companies: working with small companies on start-up issues such as general business management, writing business plans and designing sales and marketing strategies which all offer unique opportunities to make a significant difference to a business. Many of these businesses need assistance with the management of their operations, initial business plan, identifying and developing sales and marketing strategies and in dealing with human resources issues and needs.
  • Growth Companies:  are companies ready to move onto the next level. They have often spent many years growing their business where the owner or manager has been heavily involved in the day-to-day operations. Often this great success can mean that the management team is unable or unprepared to keep up with the new growth. New employees may suddenly be hired and management may no longer have the time to train and manage them.  Management is occupied in making major decisions regarding potential opportunities facing the company whereby issues such as human resourcing, customer service and financial management may get neglected.
  • Leading Companies: are established companies that want onto grow and expand quickly in specific areas and may need assistance with international expansion.  These companies have been successful for some time and may require assistance in forming strategic alliances with other major companies locally and internationally. They also may need help in analyzing new potential opportunities.


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