New Business Development - Most companies seek to build on their existing business and develop new products and service offerings. Marketing campaigns and sales approaches are great for building new business, but there are other ways as well.  Networking (live and virtual) can help develop new business. Bartering, an old form of trade, is becoming a new trend for business development but it does not impact cash flow. Acquiring accounts (instead of entire businesses) is a great way to get business if your marketing budget is small or if your business lacks adequate marketing personnel.  VMG can help you to find new ways to develop your business. 


Small Business Mentoring - Our Small Business Mentoring program helps business owners and managers with issues, both small and large, that they may experience. A business mentor is someone who can provide an outside view and fresh perspective of the business. Small business owners often feel that a mentor can help make their life easier. VMG can work with business owners and business managers on an as-needed basis on issues related specifically to small businesses.  A mentor will provide a listening ear, help the individual or business to learn from their mistakes, expand their network and become more focused and productive. The mentor will also help to assess the business needs and customize a program to address problems and/or growth issues.



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