Marketing – All businesses know that in order to succeed you need to be able to effectively market your product or service. However most business owners, especially when first starting out, do not know much about how to effectively market their products and/or services and tend to solely rely on word-of-mouth. Every day we hear various advertising, sales, public relations, marketing and media pitches, however many business owners wonder if there is a difference between them. The answer is yes there is a difference. When we understand the difference it’s easier to understand what tasks should be done within the company and which can be outsourced.  Effective marketing is essential for a business to succeed and understanding how to properly target their market will ensure the business gets started on the right foot. VMG can assist in developing a marketing strategy, using the right balance of marketing channels to help your business reach its potential.


Competitor Analysis - Knowing the strengths and weaknesses, marketing approaches, sales tactics, products/services and pricing of your competitors are keys to positioning your company, product and/or service. Knowing how many competitors are in your geographical area can significantly affect your positioning and pricing. Competitor analysis begins with identifying and analyzing present and potential competitors.  VMG can help your business perform a thorough analysis in order to devise well thought and researched strategies to understand where you stand in regards to your competitors and help differentiate your product or service to succeed.



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