Sales - Most companies struggle to properly market their product or service offerings. Having the same person in charge of marketing and in charge of sales is a not an ideal situation .  Sales are the external relationship your company has with its customers. In many instances, it is the “face” of the company that often represents whether the potential customer moves forward.  The products or services that a company sells are based upon extensive research in the industry and the competitors in order to identify a market niche.


Customer Service - Great customer service is the blood line of a business. Promotions and discount prices to attract new customers will not help sustain the business in the long-term unless you can get those customers to come back.  Great customer service satisfies the needs of the customer and helps ensure that they happily come back and pass their positive experience along to other potential customers.


Social Media Marketing – Offers companies the opportunity to interact/connect with new, existing or potential customers online in a cost-effective way.  It’s a powerful sales tool that needs to be utilized. Knowing how to leverage Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites can significantly help drive traffic to your business. VMG can help create and implement a social media marketing plan for your business.



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